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5 Awesome Reasons for Van Travel
5 Awesome Reasons for Van Travel

5 Awesome Reasons for Van Travel

5 Awesome Reasons for Van Travel

Traveling is great in any form. Whenever we have the opportunity to get away for a few days, we always do it whether it is by van, plane, or train. Since building out our custom adventure van, we have been able to explore many more places than before. Here are 5 awesome reasons why we love van travel. 

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1. Forget Hotels and Restaurants

When you are traveling via a camper van, there is no need to search for a hotel. Instead of shelling out money for a short night in a hotel, you are already set up and ready to go in your van. After a day of driving or adventures, you can simply pull into a rest stop, parking area, or quiet side road and get ready for bed. Everything you need for a great night’s sleep is already with you. Plus, you don’t have to find a restaurant or order room service, you can cook breakfast and dinner right inside the van (if properly ventilated). 

Finding a Safe Place to Park Overnight

Outside of traditional camping spots (National Parks, State Parks, and KOAs) the parking lots for a variety of commercial franchises are generally accepting of short-term overnight stays in your van. Call ahead first to get permission from the individual store though. Parking-lot enforcement and permission may vary depending on the location.

Franchises that permit overnight parking include:

Other helpful resources for finding a place to stay overnight include:

NOTE: Always use good judgment in selecting a safe place to spend the night in your van. Don’t trespass on private property, lock your doors, park discretely, and always pick well lit areas to park.

2. Spontaneous Adventures

Due to the nature of our jobs, we don’t always know when we are going to have a long weekend or a couple of weeks off together. The beauty of traveling by van is that it takes very little planning to get on the road. We can spontaneously pack the van up and head out on a bike or kite trip on the same day. There is no need to search for flight times or book hotels. We have everything we need with us as soon as we get on the road. 

Awesome Reason 2 for Van Travel - Spontaneous Adventure
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Impromptu Weekend Away

3. Comfortable and Still Easy to Drive

Although the van is large, it is not larger than a regular pick-up truck. That means that it still fits in most places and can be parked in all regular parking spaces. There is no need to worry about a trailer, getting turned around, or thinking about where we can pull in. 

Even though it is small enough to drive easily, it is also really comfortable for two people and a dog. It is so comfortable in fact, that we prefer it over our actual bedroom at home. Despite the small space, it is really cozy for the three of us, especially with a memory foam bed.

Awesome Reason 3  for Van Travel - It is super cozy and easy to drive
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Honey resting and watching Andrew kite

4. You Have All Your Gear with You

Having your gear with you is probably the most awesome reason for traveling in an adventure van. When you travel by plane, you are limited to checked and carry-on luggage. Although we are light clothing packers, we always travel with a lot of adventure gear. If we are going to be on vacation, we want to do all of our hobbies.

The van has enough room for it all. Andrew can bring all of his wetsuits, boards, and kites. Jade can bring her swim, bike, and run gear, along with lots of books and of course her guitar. With the van, there is even room for our OneWheels. In addition to our gear, we also like to bring our large and furry sidekick, Honey.

Awesome Reason 4 for Van Travel - Pack all your adventure Gear
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All our adventure gear for a week on the road!

5. See Cool New Places

We decided to get an adventure van, when we saw lots of people enjoying their lives in the places that we enjoyed most. When we were in La Ventana, there was a couple there camping directly on the beach. They were always the first ones out on the water in the morning and had a place to relax out of the sun when they weren’t riding. It was awesome. 

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Scouting Kite Spots

The cool part about the van is you can take to many cool places. Since it drives like a regular truck or van, it fits everywhere that a regular vehicle would fit. Many of the beaches and trails that we like to visit have limited parking or space for turning around. If our van were any larger, these places would be much more difficult to get too. 

Since purchasing our van, we have had the opportunity to explore more places in Michigan and across the United States. We definitely wouldn’t have made it to Yellowstone or the Outer Banks if we didn’t have our adventure van, JoVanna.

If you are considering getting your own adventure van, we would recommend it for these 5 awesome reasons!

Thanks for reading! ~ KiteBikeVan

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