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5 Awesome Reasons to Cycle
5 Awesome Reasons to Cycle

5 Awesome Reasons to Cycle

5 Awesome Reasons to Cycle

After running for nearly a decade, I decided to change it up and try a few triathlons. I fell in love. Triathlons are great because you get to do so much in such a short period of time and you see the strengths of so many different athletes. While training for my first triathlon, I couldn’t get enough of the cycling. I began putting even more time on the bike, than I do running. These are 5 awesome reasons to cycle.

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Transition to they bicycling at the Trillium Triathlon
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Transition 1 from swimming to biking

1. You get to see so much beauty

The first (and most awesome) reason to cycle is to see the beautiful world we live in. When you are traveling in a car, you don’t get to take in as much of the countryside because you are moving too quickly to really see it all. On the flip side, when you are running, you don’t get to see nearly as much because you just can’t go as far. When I am out on my bike, my eyes are constantly taking in my surroundings and the beauty of nature. Since every ride is usually 20 miles or more, you get to see so much. Often I find myself riding past a new nature preserve or walking path to come back to and explore. In the car, I always miss these gems. 

Awesome reason 1: Seeing beautiful countryside
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Beautiful countryside views

2. Easy to explore new places

When we are traveling in the van or for work, I like to continue running, biking, and swimming. Using my Strava App, I search for new routes and locations near me and I set out to explore new places. As I said above, running is great, but you just can’t go as far. On my bike, I get to see so many cool places that non-cyclists miss out on. There are many great scenic roads and trails around the world that are just waiting to be explored. I just happened to love doing it on two wheels. 

Exploring Bike Route 35 North
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Exploring US Bike Route 35 North

3. Cycling is great exercise for all ages

Cycling is great exercise! You can do it as vigorously or as casually as you prefer. Most children learn to ride their bikes around age 5 and gain independence from their parents. As you grow into an adult, that freedom can remain on the bike. You can ride and explore at all ages. Now, with the invention of E-Bikes, that time has been extended even longer. I ride with people ages 18-80. Cycling is just a great way to stay active and healthy your entire life. 

Awesome Reason 3 - Great for all ages: Cycling around Mackinac Island
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Tandem ride with Andrew around Mackinac Island, Michigan

4. Cycling connects you with awesome people

Since you can ride your whole life, cycling is a great way to make friends. Cyclists are always looking for people to ride with and to chat with about cycling. My cycling buddy and I meet 1-3 times per week to ride, depending on the time of year. Sometimes it is just the two of us and other times we have a larger group. If you are new to an area or you are just getting into cycling, there are many groups all over the place to join. Checkout Meetup, Facebook, Randonneurs, or even your local bike trail to find a group near you. If you show up to a group ride, you will definitely find someone to connect with.

Post Bike Ride Refreshments
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Post ride music and refreshments at Cherry Creek Winery

5. Cycling is a year round sport

Like running, cycling is a great all year activity. If you dress appropriately, cycling can be enjoyable all year round (summer, fall, winter, spring). If there is no precipitation falling from the sky (rain, sleet, hail, snow, etc.) and the wind is less than 15 MPH, then I am on my bike every Saturday. Andrew always says this is why kiting and biking are complimentary hobbies. If there is no wind, then you bike, but if it is ripping, then bring on the kiteboarding.

Awesome Reason to Cycle: Warm winter ride in the best winter cycling gear.
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Post winter ride joy

Cycling is just awesome! Whether you are looking for a great form of exercise, want to explore a new area, or looking for a great group of friends, seeing the world on two wheels is joyful and leads to happiness!

Join me on the road some time! Thanks for reading. ~ KiteBikeVan

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