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5 Awesome Reasons to Kiteboard
5 Awesome Reasons to Kiteboard

5 Awesome Reasons to Kiteboard

5 Awesome Reasons to Kiteboard

Kiteboarding is a great and fun sport. Here are five awesome reasons why you should kiteboard.

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1. Kiteboarding is a Gratifying Challenge

Kiteboarding can be challenging to learn, but it is highly rewarding. Like other wind based sports, it depends on good steady wind. And the wind is often fickle. Sometimes you feel like you are not progressing, but really you are just having a bad wind day. Don’t blame yourself. Keep learning.

Learning to Kiteboard is awesome challenge. It is a great reason to learn.
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Those already familiar with board-sports [such as wakeboarding, skateboarding, and snowboarding] will find that most of it comes down to good kite control and not just board skills. Although having some board skills doesn’t hurt.

Kiteboarding can also be a technical sport that can become heavily gear oriented. It doesn’t have to be that way. A word to the wise, don’t buy a bunch of kite gear first and then learn the sport. Initially take some lessons and then slowly build a kite quiver based on the wind conditions at your main kiting location.

Taking a lesson from an IKO certified instructor on an open beach is the place to start. Try practicing with a trainer kite and flying an undersized inflatable kite to master good kite control. The overall goal is to become completely self-reliant on the water. It will be challenging but a blast if you are patient.

2. Kiteboarding Gives You Freedom on the Water

Once you get past what appears to be an initially steep learning curve for kiteboarding, you will gain a huge sense of freedom on the water. It takes some practice and patience learning to stay up-wind, riding up-wind independently and safely launching and landing kites.

Subsequently when you become an independent rider, you get to decide where to go on the water not the person driving a boat. You also get to decide what works best for you. You choose the kite and board for the current wind conditions. It is all up to you!

Kiteboarding provides freedom on the water
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Kiteboarding also has a number of disciplines that you can specialize in: Free-riding (boosting big airs), Free-style (technical tricks and rotations), Surfing (dropping into sets otherwise unreachable), and Foiling (racing or as a light-wind session saver).

3. Kiteboarding Provides a New Perspective on the Wind and Weather

Before I learned to kiteboard, I used to think that windy days were bad weather days with choppy water. In the past, I would say something like: “it’s too choppy for water skiing today” or “the sea is way too rough for fishing” etc. But now, I really appreciate a good steady wind. I look at the weather with a new perspective and wonder if maybe it could be just a little windier.

What was once a barren wind-swept cape with sand blowing in your face, now appears as a kiteboarding playground of sorts with waves acting as kickers to launch big airs and large swells to foil in between. The sport of kiteboarding has provided me with a fresh meaning for WIND.

Kiteboarding makes you love the wind
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4. Kiteboarding is a Good Reason to Travel

The list of potential places to kiteboard is almost endless. Sometimes the destinations are in exotic, warm places near the beach, but you may also end up traveling to desolate places that you would have otherwise written off entirely.

Kiteboarding gives you a good reason to travel, to try a new food, and to learn a new languages and cultures. Maybe you will even learn to drive on the opposite side of the road [Caution: the windshield wiper lever will be located where the turn signal is supposed to be]. What places are on your bucket list to kiteboard?

1 awesome reason to Kiteboard is traveling to cool places
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5. Kiteboarding Offers Great Opportunities to Make Friends on the Beach

If you enjoy tailgating with a cooler and passionately talking about your favorite sport at the beach, then kiteboarding may be just what you need. Helping each other launch and land is also really unifying. Kiteboarding brings people together.

Just be respectful of non-kiters too (watch out for the local beach walkers and shell collectors).

1 awesome reason to Kiteboard is to make new friends
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What inspires you to kiteboard? What are your 5 awesome reasons to kiteboard? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading. ~KiteBikeVan

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