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Best Gifts for Cyclists
Best Gifts for Cyclists

Best Gifts for Cyclists

Best Gifts for Cyclists

As the holiday season approaches, you are probably looking for great gifts for the friend (or a family member) that never stops talking about their bike and cycling adventures. All they really want to do is bike! These are some of the best budget friendly gifts for cyclists!

When shopping for your cycling buddy, steer clear of the high end items such as kits, helmets, shoes and bikes. Those are usually high ticket items that are really specific to each rider.

Personally, I like to pick out my own gear, since the fit and material affect my comfort and enjoyment while riding.

However, there are many small and inexpensive gifts that can improve cycling for everyone!

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Best Gifts for Cyclists
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Below are some of the best cycling gifts for 2023:

Chain Checker Tool

A chain checker tool is a tiny device with a great impact. Riders can use it to check the wear on their chain before the chain begins to wear on their cassette. Although it is small, it is a great tool to add to a cyclist’s repair kit!

Best Gifts for Cyclists - Chain Checker Tool
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Bicycle Multitool

As a cyclist, my multitool has come in handy so many times. When something goes wrong out on the road, I know I have everything I need to fix it right in my saddle bag.

Whether it is adjusting a water bottle cage, tightening fenders, or changing a flat, the multitool has all the gadgets that I need to get home safely.

Open Multitool for Saddle Bag Essentials
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CO2 Cartridges

Likewise, in stride with the bike repair theme, CO2 cartridges are a fantastic gift for cyclists. While you might not know the correct size tube or tire to purchase, CO2 can be used by all cyclists to help inflate a tire in a pinch.

Instead of carrying a hand-pump along, CO2 cartridges are a quick and easy way to inflate a new tube after a flat repair. However, be careful not to get some freezer burn on your hands while using the CO2 (It is Carbon Dioxide after all).

For myself, I always carry two cartridges when I ride. They definitely provide piece of mind when out on the road.

Best Gifts for Cyclists - CO2
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Bike Cleaning Kit

If your loved one is as much as a bike riding fool as I am, they probably spend a lot of time loving and polishing their bike.

“Des” (my bike) definitely gets washed a lot more often than my car. Sometimes he even gets washed in the bath tub just before “Honey” (my dog) does.

What better gift is there than a dedicated bike detailing kit?

Having the right brushes, micro-fibers, and rags for cleaning all the grime, dirt, or grease out of the nooks and crannies makes all the difference. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your bike can prevent problems on the road later on.

Plus, it might even save the loss of those precious extra hand towels in the bathroom and avoid some unnecessary frustration the next time you blindly grab for a washcloth from the cabinet.

Water Bottles

Personally, I never have enough water bottles. The water bottles that I love for cycling are also good for running. They need to be easily held, easy to open, and light to carry, creating fewer distractions on the road.

Finding the right size water bottle to fit in the bottle cage can be a little tricky though. As the gift purchaser, you could easily sneak a peak at their current bottles.

Note: For anyone buying a bottle for a petite person on a small bike frame, the height and width of the bottle will also be important.

Water Bottles
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USB Lights

When I am out on the road, I know my family is always worried about me. Making myself as visible as possible to other drivers helps to alleviate some of their stress. Every year since I started riding, I have received a new USB light to add to my collection either from friends or family!

This is another inexpensive gift that might be a gift for both yourself and your cycling friend. When you know they are safe out on the road, you can relax a bit while they are gone!

USB Bike Lights
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STRAVA Subscription?

Unfortunate Loss of the Best Gift

Sadly in 2022, Strava decided to end the possibility of giving an annual subscription as a gift. This is unfortunate, because the Strava subscription was one of my favorite gifts to receive as a cyclist.

Routinely, I use my membership to track my weekly, monthly, and annual miles. It is also handy for creating routes and finding safe places to ride and run in new locations.

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Let Someone Know Where You Are Cycling!

My family’s favorite feature is the “beacon” function. When I start a solo ride or a run, I usually send out a beacon so they know where I am. The beacon function is also great when using a SAG (support and gear) vehicle. That way the SAG drivers can enjoy their day while following the progress of their rider.

Without the gift giving feature on Strava, I have had to purchase my own subscription for the last two years.

If you are looking to get creative, a VISA gift card would also work, with a strong suggestion to use it towards an annual Strava subscription!

Best Gifts for Cyclists
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Happy Holidays and Good Cycling!

These are my suggestions for the best gifts for cyclists, especially if you are on a budget this year.

Hope you and your cycling buddy have a wonderful holiday season. Have lots of fun and safe riding out there. ~KiteBikeVan

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