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Best Gifts for Kiteboarders
Best Gifts for Kiteboarders

Best Gifts for Kiteboarders

Best Gifts for Kiteboarders

Gifts for kiteboarders can be tough considering the expense of kiteboarding gear in general, personal brand loyalties, hyper-focuses on the weights & measurements system, the various kite disciplines within the sport, and the particular style of the kiter you are shopping for.

Believe it or not some people appear to be allergic to bright flashy colors and tend to lean more towards sleek monotone colors (imagine black and white kites, etc.).

Regardless of brand loyalty, color choice, or style, this gift list may provide some much needed help and clairvoyance to get you through the holiday season intact without breaking the bank.

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Spreading stoke is the best gift of all. The best gift for kiteboarders.
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Spreading stoke is the best gift of all.

Personally, I’m currently more of an Ocean Rodeo Kite and Armstrong Foil guy myself. In case my wife is reading this or if she doesn’t already know.

The items listed here are not the high ticket items (such as kites, boards, or hydro-foils), but rather gifts for the everyday kiteboarder.

Everything on this list is under the $250 mark.

Gifts for Kiters

So here it is. Here are some of the best gifts for Kiteboarders in 2023:

Skywatch” Wind Meter

  • Unsure of what kite to pump up? Is the wind too light to ride? Use a reliable wind meter to determine what the wind is currently doing. Trust me, this is one of the most important items that any kiteboarder could have. Never pump up the wrong kite size based on a flimsy prediction again.

Ride Engine- “Air Box” Pump

  • The worst part about kiteboarding now made easy. Pumping up a kite with a manual pump is not exactly fun or glamorous. To solve this problem the creative minds at Ride Engine have consolidated an electric air-pump with a lithium battery into a small portable nifty package. It’s simply a brilliant way to get you out onto the water even quicker when the winds pick up.

WOO Sports 4.0- Meter

  • Instead of bragging about how high you thought you were when you sent it. Post it to a leaderboard instead with real stats from your last kite session with a small jump meter that attaches directly to your favorite board. In other words, WOO is to kiteboarding, like Strava is to the endurance cycling world. It records and shares your progress.

NRS Splash Guard

  • Tired of having the wrong wetsuit thickness. Try something that knocks the cold out of the wind. Essentially, this waterproof windbreaker can help if you have a wetsuit that is a little too thin for the conditions.

Ocean “Chameleon” Sunglasses

  • The sun is a constant battle on the water and you may not want to lose your regular glasses while kiting. These sporty waterproof sunglasses from Ocean Sunglasses can be a game changer against UV Rays for when you look at your kite on those bright sunny days. They also convert easily from a head-band style strap to regular frames rather quickly for all-day-use on and off the water (sort of like a Chameleon lizard).
A wind meter is a great gift idea for a kiteboarder.
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A wind meter is a great gift idea for any kiteboarder.

Note that most of these items are small and portable making them an easy no-brainer holiday gift for your favorite kiter.

Moreover, if you are your own favorite kiter, there is nothing preventing you from buying a gift for yourself this season. Even if it is really under the guise of being for someone else in the same household.

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Sure, I bet that ultra-light smaller-sized expensive-kite that you tend to use all the time for foil-boarding is really all about helping to teach your spouse to learn how to kite-board.

The Perfect Kite Gift?

Ultimately, these items may not make your loved one a better kiteboarder instantaneously or entirely satiate their avarice for the latest lightweight kiteboarding tech. But hopefully these gifts will help facilitate better kite sessions, more practice time, and stoke on the water.

After all, kiteboarding is really all about having fun on the water during the holiday season.

If you ask me, the perfect kiteboarding gift is more time on the water.

Getting more time on the water is the best gift of all for a kiteboarder.
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Getting more time on the water is the best gift of all for a kiteboarder.

What is the perfect kiteboarding gift for you? Is it less material, such as kite lessons or airline tickets to a tropical kiteboarding paradise? Or is it something else entirely. Please share in the comments below.

Safe kite travels, happy holidays, and good winds everyone. See you on the water and thanks for reading. ~KiteBikeVan

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