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A Bike Ride to the 2022 MSU Homecoming Game
A Bike Ride to the 2022 MSU Homecoming Game

A Bike Ride to the 2022 MSU Homecoming Game

After attending a MSU Football Game in 2021 with my cycling buddy, we began planning a bike ride to an MSU Football Game in 2022. On a long breakfast ride in July, the plan started to actually take form. For the 2022 Michigan State Homecoming game against Wisconsin, the legendary Bike Ride to MSU happened.

Starting Bike Ride to MSU
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The Start(ish) of our MSU Bike Ride

Planning the Bike Ride to an MSU Football Game

The planning of our ride was the trickiest part of this adventure. We had to choose a game late enough in the day that we would have time to tailgate before going to the game (a.k.a. not a noon game). The game also obviously had to be a home game. And as a cross country coach in the fall, I needed a meet free Saturday.

After securing a date, we had to arrange getting JoVanna to the game, while we cycled up. We had many different plans, but finally settled on dropping her off in the lot south of campus in the morning and returning home to hop on our bike to ride up and meet her.

This worked well as we were able to drop all of our warm clothing and delicious food for the tailgate before we hit the road. My cycle buddy didn’t disappoint with the food. We had tacos, bean tamales, nachos, popper dip, and so much more. It was fantastic.

The Route

This is not a ad for Strava, but I was able to plan the most amazing route ever using its route creator. We traveled from my home to the Michigan State campus on the most beautiful route with very minimal traffic. Throughout the 54ish miles, we probably saw at most 50 cars. The roads were quiet, canopied, and many were even freshly paved.

Bike Route to MSU Stadium
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Bike Route to MSU Stadium from Strava

Our journey was about 54 miles long, starting in Clarklake and ending in East Lansing. The first part of our route took us through Napoleon and Michigan Center. Crossing over I-94 on Hawkins Road, we traveled north through Hawkins Township and Root Station. Heading west on Coon Hill Road, we crossed M-106 to Meridian Road around Pleasant Lake and north through Leslie to Mason. Between Mason and Dansville, we zigged north and west, until we reached Okemos. From there it was a straight shot west into a 12-15 mph headwind to campus.

End of Bike Ride to MSU Homecoming Football Game
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We made it!

The Tailgate

Once we made it to JoVanna, the fun only continued. Friends and family joined us for beers and a Mexican feast. I think I devoured four bean tamales from the Tamale Factory. They were amazingly delicious, especially after the ride.

Bikes at MSU Tailgate
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Bikes Enjoying the Tailgate!

The MSU Homecoming Football Game of 2022

MSU Game
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Awesome MSU Crew!

MSU has not had the best season in 2022, so we didn’t have high hopes for a win. Wisconsin started with started strong and State was down 14-7 at the half.

The second half was a slow start, but MSU was finally up 21-14 in the fourth quarter. We thought the game was over until Wisconsin tied it with 2:00 left.

Finally after 2 overtimes, many errors and lot of poor decisions, state finally pulled off a win.

MSU Football Stadium
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MSU Stadium

In celebration of an outstanding day, we stopped at the MSU Dairy Store on the way back to JoVanna for some ice cream.

This definitely goes down as one of the best JoVanna adventures ever!! Thanks to all my awesome friends for making it happen! Check out more awesome bike adventures. Thanks for following. ~KiteBikeVan

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