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Changing a Headlight on a Ram ProMaster
Changing a Headlight on a Ram ProMaster

Changing a Headlight on a Ram ProMaster

Changing a Headlight on a Ram ProMaster

Headlights go out on vehicles. Most of the time it is an easy fix that only takes a few minutes. Changing a headlight on a Ram ProMaster is also pretty easy. All you will need is a Phillips head screwdriver and a 10-mm socket wrench. Now, let’s get to work!

Changing a Headlight on a Ram ProMaster
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Removing the Light Compartment

Step 1: Preparing

  • Get your tools together.
  • Make sure you have the correct replacement bulb (H7 for the ProMaster).
  • Have plastic gloves on hand to handle the bulbs (you shouldn’t touch the glass).
  • A light will be handy. We used a large LED flashlight!
  • Finally, open the hood.
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Step 2: Removing the Light Compartment

  • Start by taking out the top panel above the light compartment. Remove the two screws holding it in place under the hood. Then carefully unclip it from the from the opposite side (don’t break the plastic clips).
  • Then remove the panel below the light compartment. Again take out the one screw holding it in place under the hood and again carefully unclip the outside edge.
  • There are three 10mm bolts holding the light compartment to the frame; one on the top right and two on the bottom. Using your socket wrench, remove all three bolts.
  • The entire light compartment should now lift easily off the body of the ProMaster and you can unplug it to change the lights.

Step 3: Changing the Bulbs

  • Once your have removed and unplugged the light compartment, you will have access to your blinker and headlights. There is a cap or lid covering the access to each bulb and they are labeled. It is relatively easy to figure out!
  • After removing the caps, put on your gloves so you can begin handling the bulbs themselves.
  • Pull out and detach the bulb that is currently in place, then plug in and insert the new bulb. (Be sure that it is securely locked in place or it can fall out while driving!)
  • Plug the light compartment back in and test the new bulb before putting everything back in place.

Step 4: Putting It All Back Together

  • Finally, after testing the lights you are ready to put it all back together. Repeat Step 2 in reverse.
  • Place the light compartment back on the body and reattach with the three bolts you removed earlier.
  • Clip the bottom panel back in and use the screw under the hood to hold it in place.
  • Then clip the top panel back in and use the remaining two screws to hold it in place under the hood.
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Congrats, You have Changed a Headlight!!!

We have replaced the headlights on our ProMaster twice now. Once due to a light bulb burning out. The second time, the driver’s side bulb came loose and we decided to change our headlights to LED bulbs while we had the compartment off. It is not too difficult and can be changed quite quickly! It is also a lot less expensive doing some things on your own.

Good luck changing the headlights on your Promaster! Thanks for reading. ~ KiteBikeVan

Full disclaimer I am not a certified automotive mechanic, and you should always consult with your local dealer or service center first before attempting any automotive repairs. Use good judgment.
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