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Custom Van Build Improvements!
Custom Van Build Improvements!

Custom Van Build Improvements!

In 2022, JoVanna our custom van, took us on many adventures; the Outer Banks, Northern Michigan, Yellowstone, and many local destinations. Although we were able to do all the adventuring we wanted, we decided after our trip to Yellowstone that JoVanna was in need of a few more improvements.

Previous Custom Van Build Design
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An evening in the Van while kiting in the Outer Banks!

As winter settled in here in Michigan, we had more time to complete custom van build improvements planned during summer travel. We spent four weeks from Thanksgiving until winter break adding a sink, shower, and new overhead storage.

Custom Van Build Demolition
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Pre-Shower Demolition

Remodeling always starts with a bit of demolition. The old closet and bench storage had to come out to make room for our custom built shower design. Taking on challenging projects is always a little intimidating but we are looking forward to the rewards of the off-grid improvements!!!

What other custom van build improvements are a must for your van?

Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading. ~KiteBikeVan

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