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Custom Van Curtains
Custom Van Curtains

Custom Van Curtains

When we found JoVanna, we were so excited because she had both rear windows and side windows. Having natural light in the van was a really important feature we were looking for when shopping. Although we love having lots of light during the day, we also like having privacy at night. With windows on all sides, we needed a way to cover them. We were need of some custom van curtains.

Custom Van Window Treatments

Luckily, when we purchased JoVanna, she came with aluminum rear window and windshield visors that Velcro in place and can be easily folded and stowed away when not in use.

Side Window Curtains

With rear windows and windshield covered, our next concern were the side windows. We wanted curtains that were easy to attach, but were also not going to always be in the way. Another consideration was how to attach a curtain to the window on the sliding door that wouldn’t scratch the exterior of the van when the door was open.

We decided that blackout curtains and large disk magnets would be the best option. I purchased a set of black out curtains and cut them down to fit over our windows. I then sewed a magnet in each of the top corners. When the curtains were ready, we screwed magnets above the top corners of each window. And voila, we had curtains. (We have since modified these with a simple bungie across the top.)

After loosing or misplacing these curtains multiple times, we went with a new bungee option.

Curtain Divider

With the curtains and visors, our space felt mostly private at night. However, you could still easily see in through the driver and passenger door windows. We were constantly hanging towels across the front seats and moving coats on each of the side hooks to block those windows.

That’s when we decided to add a divider curtain. This was a super simple addition. I bought another black out curtain and cut it in half. I then added a U-hook to each end of the cargo shelf. Running a bungie from hook to hook, we now had a curtain dividing the front cabin from the camper area.

Custom Van Curtains
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A hook was added to the bungie on the driver’s side and an additional U-hook was added to the opposite side of the sliding door. The curtain can now be rotated to cover the sliding door area for privacy during the day, when we are wanting to leave the sliding door open for a breeze.

Hope this gives you some ideas when considering your own curtains!

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Thanks for reading!!! ~KiteBikeVan

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