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Dreaming of Kiteboarding in La Ventana
Dreaming of Kiteboarding in La Ventana

Dreaming of Kiteboarding in La Ventana

Dreaming of La Ventana

Inconsistent wind? Gusty wind? Cold inhospitable freezing conditions? Difficult launch spots? Burned out on super thick-wetsuits or drysuits? These are the things that make me dream of kiteboarding in La Ventana. They are the things that make me want to return to the Sea of Cortez at some point in the future. I dream of kiting again under the sun with migrating whales in stellar wind conditions.

It is also one of the places that inspired us to buy a camper van in the first place. Here we saw couples van camping on the the beach. They were the first on the water when the wind picked up in the mornings.

Since we live in Michigan, I dream of La Ventana frequently.

“La Ventana” translates from Spanish to English as “the window.” This fishing village is located on the Baja Peninsula south of La Paz on the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) and is a “Kiteboarding Mecca” for North America.

Note: La Paz is the end-point town for the notorious Baja Off-Road Race.

Dreaming of Kiteboarding in La Ventana
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View from the Kite in La Ventana

Traveling to La Ventana

La Ventana can be reached via a 2-and-1/2 hour drive (150km) heading north along the “Mexico-1” highway across the Baja Peninsula from the Los Cabos International Airport. You will have to travel on a paved two-lane highway through a sea of desert cactuses and winding mountainous terrain.

There are a lot of rental car options at the airport and the prices vary. We booked ahead and only needed to catch a shuttle to the rental office.

However, beware that there are many taxi-drivers between the arrivals gate and the exit trying to take gringos to CostCo! Simply because someone is standing behind a counter at the airport near the entrance does not mean that they are a rental agent.

Not that there is anything wrong with going to CostCo. It’s just that we had been traveling for over 6-hours and we were there to KITE!

The coastal town of “Los Barriles,” translates into “the barrels,” is a nice place to stop-in along the way if you want to break-up the driving time to reach La Ventana. It is only a 1-hour drive from the airport.

Los Barriles also presents some good kiteboarding opportunities and ExotiKite is worth a visit if you are planning your next kite trip or kite lessons in the area. Although the wind may not be as consistent here, Los Barriles is a great spot to explore with a small-town vibe.

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Welcome to the Sea of Cortez!

Unlike Los Barriles, La Ventana feels less like a small-town and more like a road-along-the-sea with a variety of restaurants and accommodations. The closest sense of a local-town is in El Sargento just to the north.

If La Ventana is about anything at all, it is really all about the wind-sports.

The Winds of La Ventana

La Ventana is so special because the wind really picks-up here between Isla Ceralvo and the Baja Peninsula, creating a wind-tunnel like effect.

La Ventana delivers good steady winds across the Bay of La Ventana (Bahia de La Ventana) between November and April. Making La Ventana a great winter destination and an easy-to-get-to kite spot for kiters on the west coast, especially if you are up for a van-trip along the Baja Peninsula.

Although, this spot is known for good wind, you can expect the wind to vary a little. It can range from 12-to-27 knots. While we were here in December, we had a number of light-wind days and a couple of no-wind days. On the days when the wind really picked-up in the afternoon, La Ventana really began to impress and delivered some truly epic kite sessions that are hard to forget.

So pack your kite quiver carefully and bring a foil-board/foil just in case. This is the place where I came down with “foil-fever.”

Foil-fever is an affliction of the mind that involves obsessing over quiet, dreamy kite-foil sessions, mast lengths and carbon fiber foil constructs, usually resulting in smiles and impoverishment.

And I must warn you that foil-fever is highly contagious in light-wind kite sessions.

Kiteboarding in La Ventana
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Kite Sessions in Baja

Kiteboarder’s Paradise

Welcome to La Ventana. You have reached a kiteboarder’s paradise. A place you can drive out onto the beach with all of your gear and easily set-up for a kite session (4WD is recommended for driving on the beach).

Like other places, when the wind is nukin’ here, kiters literally come out of the woodwork. The once sleepy coastal desert town comes to life and transforms, bustling with kites in the air and every board imaginable enters the water. Kiters from everywhere are helping each other launch and land. It is a thing of pure beauty seeing that many kites in the sky.

Imagine hundreds of kites in the air!

Despite the kiter’s paradise, it is not the warmest place to kite in the winter. Although it was always sunny, the temperature during the day was in the 60s and 70s and a lot colder at night. In the winter months, I would highly recommend a 4/3 or 3/2 thickness wetsuit and booties as the water is only in the 60s. Plus, don’t forget the wind chill factor!

When the wind is down, La Ventana also has a variety of places to explore while you wait for the wind gods to return.

Here is list of some things to check out while you are in La Ventana.

Places to Visit in La Ventana

Kite Launch Spots and Beaches in La Ventana

  • Playa La Ventana (centrally located beach)
  • Playa El Sargento (beware of the reef north of El Sargento).
  • Fig Tree Beach (personal favorite kite spot)
  • Playa Agua Caliente (natural hot springs nearby and a good spot to start a downwinder)
Kite lessons in La Ventana
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Jade learning to Kite!
Dreaming of La Ventana
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Kiteboarding at Fig Tree Beach!

Kiteboarding in La Ventana

Overall, La Ventana is a worthy kite-board Mecca for North America and a place that I dream of often. I’m looking forward to packing a Baja Blanket, Sombrero, and a Kite-Foil to return to La Ventana in the future. Next time hopefully in the van.

What is your all time favorite kite-board destination? Let me know in the comments below.

For now, still dreaming of La Ventana. Thanks for reading. ~ KiteBikeVan

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