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Falling Waters Trail
Falling Waters Trail

Falling Waters Trail

Are you looking for a wide, flat and paved tree-lined trail to ride? If so, this is it. The Falling Waters Trail is great for road cyclist of all experience levels. This 10-mile trail travels between Concord and Jackson, Michigan.

Falling Waters Trail Weatherwax Trailhead
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Weatherwax Trailhead

Trail Description

The Falling Waters Trail is part of Michigan’s rails-to-trails system in south central Michigan. The trail is marked every half mile and there are benches and trash cans at every mile. The trail is as wide as a car lane and mostly tree-lined. Overall, the trail is well-maintained. It is plowed in the winter and cleared of debris in the summer.

The trail itself is very flat with only 70 feet of elevation over 10.7 miles. Between mile markers 5 and 6 there is about a quarter mile of bumpy trail where roots are beginning to push up through the pavement. There are 6 road crossings along the trail between mile markers 1.5 and 7. Matthews Road, at mile marker 3.5, is the only dirt road crossing.


There are three places to park and easily jump on the trail. All three trailheads are dirt lots with ample parking. Each trailhead is equipped with a bike pump, trail map, and a pit toilette. The River Street trailhead in Concord has a few charcoal grills and picnic tables. The Weatherwax trailhead has community bikes to rent in the summer time. The trail is busiest near the Teft Road trailhead at Lime Lake and the Weatherwax trailhead.

Wildlife along the Falling Waters Trail

There is a lot of wildlife to be seen along the Falling Waters Trail. The lakes and ponds here attract swans, geese, heron, and cranes. Addiontally, dozens of birdhouses have been installed along the trail. While running and cycling, I have seen a variety of birds; including a bald eagle and orioles. Watch out for deer and turkerys on early morning and evening rides.

Leaving the Falling Waters Trail

Heading East

The east end of the trail connects to the MLK Equality Trail in Jackson. From here you can ride a few more miles into Jackson. Ella Sharpe Park is a great place for a picnic. You can also take the trail all the way to Cooper Street and ride into downtown Jackson. If you do, I would recommend a stop at the Grand River Brewery.

Heading West

The west end of the trail takes you into downtown Concord. At the end of the road, it looks like the trail continues. However, it only goes about a quarter mile further. The surface on this stretch is large stone and loose gravel.

If you ride into Concord, there are couple of small restaurants and a Dollar General if you need anything. For a longer ride, you can also turn right onto Main Street (Albion Rd.) and head 7 miles north on a quiet country road into Albion.

I hope you have a chance to explore the Falling Waters Trail or the Kal-Haven Trail. Follow for more trail descriptions and cycling adventures.

Thanks for reading. ~KiteBikeVan

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