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Installing a Non-permanent Van Shower
Installing a Non-permanent Van Shower

Installing a Non-permanent Van Shower

Since we spend so much time at the beach and staying active, a hot shower was our next big van project. To keep the space inside our van open, we ended up installing a non-permanent van shower.

Non-permanent Van Shower
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Showering in Texas

We created our shower to be set up and disassembled as needed. Useful for a full on private shower or just a quick outside rinse.

Installing a Non-permanent Van Shower
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Original Van Shower Installation

Joolca HOTTAP = Awesome Hot Shower Anywhere

For our shower, the water is heated with a Joolca HOTTAP. Although the HOTTAP is made for the rugged Australian outback, it is also very useful here in North America. For convenience, it is essentially a propane powered water heater. The water temperature and flow rate can be adjusted as needed.

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Two D batteries are used to control ignition and digital temp readout. Amazingly, the whole thing can be turned on or off from a switch on the shower head itself; through the magic of water pressure.

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Steady Temperatures in the Shower

Additionally we found that maintaining a steady water temperature generally worked best when the system is hooked up to a regular tap or garden hose. The off-grid water-pump system seemed to be a bit more finicky at keeping steady temperatures. Super important to make sure all hoses are securely connected. Otherwise you could end up with cold shower.

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Installing Our Non-Permanent Van Shower

For the shower, it consists of two plastic shower liners. The curtains are held in place with u-brackets and mini-carabiner clips.

While showering, the water is collected in a collapsible dog pool with a bamboo shower mat. These are easy to pack down into a small space and easy to drain.

Converting our Non-permanent Van Shower to a Permanent Shower

Although we liked the idea of having a non-permanent van shower, eventually we decided to go the extra mile and install a permanent van shower. Check out Van Shower Installation Project Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 for more details.

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