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Kiteboarding for the Holidays
Kiteboarding for the Holidays

Kiteboarding for the Holidays

Kiteboarding for the Holidays

The holidays can be a tough time of year for a lot people. Pick your poison: the stress of multiple families to visit, arguments between loved ones, or the very scary word “casserole.” There is no doubt that it can be tricky.

Kiteboarding for the holidays is the only real solution.

Holiday Letters from a Kiteboarder

Sometimes a meaningful holiday card, a simple note, or a letter can accomplish a lot. Below are some of the letters I will be using for this holiday season.

Gone Kiteboarding for the Holidays
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Gone Kiteboarding for the Holidays Letter

Dear Family,

I’m sorry to leave this letter in my place, but I have decided to go kiteboarding for the holidays instead.

Please do not take this personally. This has more to do with a passion for the sport of kiteboarding and general dislike of cold weather.

It will be in a tropical place that has lots of palm trees, sandy beaches, and steady wind. There won’t be gusty winds or snow drifts on the roads in this place. The only salt will come from the ocean breeze, rather than passing snow plow trucks.

I will also not be celebrating the holidays in the traditional way. To afford the tickets for airfare and kite gear this year, I will not be exchanging or expecting any gifts whatsoever.

It shall be a guilt free holiday kiteboarding away from the midwest. You may call me stingy or a scrooge, but know that I still love you and that I just finished packing up my kite gear. I will follow up with a travel itinerary.

Anyways have a good holiday, stay warm and say hello to the rest of the family for me.


The only kiteboarder in the family,

-Dr. Windwalker

Disclaimer: Do not estrange your whole family to simply go on a single kiteboard trip! Invite them first, then send the letter if they don’t go. Better yet, put the letter in the mail on the way to the airport or simply send a post card.
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Letter to Santa Claus from a Kiteboarder

Dear Santa Claus,

I apologize for forcing my non-kiting family members to endure long days at the beach this past year.

This year I would like steady winds over 15-knots almost every day of the year and water temperatures that don’t require thick wetsuits (with climate change this seems like a realistic proposition).

Also there would be a lot of kiteboard stoke if you could fit a few new things under the tree:

These gifts really shouldn’t offset the weight of your sleigh too much since the overall weight of kite gear tends to be on the light side.

Plus, I have been a really good kiteboarder this year. Hope this isn’t too last minute or too much of a big ask.

Yours truly,

-Dr. Windwalker

Tip: This letter is left for the big man himself. It is best to place it next to some gingerbread cookies, coffee and Irish whiskey. It’s a long night for him and I hear that this what he likes the most.

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New Years Resolution Letter to Your Kite Gear

Dear Kiteboard Gear,

I apologize for not using you as much as I would have liked this past year. It seemed to be a rare occurrence that the wind, travel, and time off from work would align perfectly. Regretfully, I even considered e-foiling for a minute, but the high prices kept me away.

Anyways I miss you and hope to see a lot more of you next year. You are so much more to me than a simple gym membership! Actually you take up quite a bit of space in the spare bedroom.

Regardless, my New Years Resolution for next year is to kiteboard ten-times as much as I did last year and to foil a much as possible.

Happy New Year!!!


Your Kiteboarder,

-Dr. Windwalker

Note: This Resolution is better to place in the bathroom mirror where you can see it every morning. It is motivational in nature!
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Kiteboarding for the Holidays

Hopefully, these letters will help you out this Holiday Season. Also check out our post “Best Gifts for Kiteboarders” if you are doing some last minute shopping.

Please share your holiday kiteboarding experiences and dilemmas in the comments below.

Thank you for reading, safe travels, and good winds everyone. ~KiteBikeVan

Kiteboarding for the Holidays
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