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Kiteboarding in Moorea- Finding a Kite Spot.
Kiteboarding in Moorea- Finding a Kite Spot.

Kiteboarding in Moorea- Finding a Kite Spot.

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Kiteboarding in Moorea

Moorea, French Polynesia

The French Polynesian Island of Moorea is a beautiful and warm place to kiteboard with temperatures regularly in the 80s (Fahrenheit). It is a kiteboarder’s paradise with beautiful arrays of coral, rays and black tip reef sharks under the surface.

Getting to Moorea

The island can be reached with a 9-hour flight from LAX and a short 40-minute ferry ride from Papeete. Moorea, itself has one road and is roughly a 60km drive around the whole island (the top speed is 60kph). This means you can get around the whole island in about an hour and you are never further than 30-40 minutes away from anything (depending on scooter traffic).

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Aremiti Car Ferry

Renting a car is highly recommended for getting around and exploring. You can rent a car both in Papeete (at the airport) or in Moorea (close to the ferry terminal). We rented a small car. Getting kite gear inside involved some creativity with the passenger seat.

Where to Kite?

As far as kite spots go, the island has very limited safe launching spots and access to the water can be difficult without a boat. There are only a handful of main public beaches (Temae, Ta’ahiamanu, and Tiahura/Hauru) and kiteboarding has essentially been banned there.

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View from Les Tipaniers

Access to the Water

However, you can kiteboard if you have access to one of the private beaches on Moorea or if you have access to a boat. Our favorite spot was Les Tipaniers and Moorea Sunset Beach. At Les Tipaniers, you can gain access to the beach with a day pass that includes a free drink, Wifi and a gorgeous view of the water. In 2022, a day pass was 1500 XPF (ca. $13.50) each.

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Colorful Instructions at the Kite Beach

The Season

Note that some of the restaurants and hotels tend to shut down from the months of January to April (hurricane season/rainy season).

Generally, the wind is better here from May to October (this is the winter/dry season south of the equator). Starting in November, the wind can start to become really light. Be prepared for very light-wind conditions if you are planning a holiday kite-trip here in December.

The Kite Spot

At the end of the beach in front of the Moorea Sunset Beach bungalows is a small kite launch spot. Beware of swimmers, boats, jet skis, docks, kayaks, and palm trees. This is a very small launch and landing zone with a lot of obstacles downwind that could cause trouble. I would not recommend this spot for a beginner or a person new to the sport. The beach itself is maybe 50-100 feet wide.

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View in front of Moorea Sunset Beach

In the Water

In the water, it is waist deep for 50-100 yards out. After that, there is a boat channel where the water is deeper.

Further out, there is a variety of reefs and breaks that surround the island that are about a mile or so away from shore. Just watch out for the boat traffic and other kiters around the holidays.

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Boat/Channel Map From Tip Nautic

Kite Gear

In December, I would recommend light-wind kite gear for this spot. During this session I used a 14M Kite and a 144cm Twin-Tip. The wind ranged from 10-14 knots and was a little gusty. I wish that I had brought a Foil/Foil-Board with me. This spot had plenty of deep water 50 feet from shore. You would just have to keep an eye on the coral and shallow spots in a few places.

Where to Eat

After a kite session, grab a drink or something to eat at the Les Tipaniers restaurant and enjoy the water. An alternative to this kite spot is by launching from boat and will be discussed in depth in the next post.

Cheers and thanks for reading. ~KiteBikeVan

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