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Kitesurfing in Moorea- Kiteboarding by Boat
Kitesurfing in Moorea- Kiteboarding by Boat

Kitesurfing in Moorea- Kiteboarding by Boat

Kitesurfing Boat in Moorea Tahiti
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The Launch Spot Near Coco Beach

Kitesurfing in Moorea

The quiet Island of Moorea is a surreal destination for Kitesurfing with beautiful reefs and crystal clear, turquoise water. All you need are rash-guards, t-shirts, board shorts, and flip-flops [note: wetsuit booties are also helpful to avoid cuts on sharp rocks (3/2 thickness or less)].

Leave your spring wetsuit at home… the water here is warm [regularly in the 80s F].

The main road that goes around Moorea follows close to the water. In some spots, the dry ground abruptly stops 10-feet away from the road and the ocean just simply begins. In terms of kiteboarding, this does not leave a lot of space for safe launching and landing spots.

Access to the water is limited. It is not the kind of place where you can wander for miles down open sandy beaches.

Waterfront in Moorea
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Palm Trees Near the Edge of the Water in Moorea

Kiteboarding by Boat

Although you can launch a kite from the small launch zone on the private beach at Les Tipaniers, the best way to really kite surf in Moorea is by boat. We hired David, from Lakana Fly Moorea, to take us out on his custom designed catamaran ~aka~ the “Dakine Boat.” This boat was the perfect platform for kite launching and storing kite gear.

No Beach to Launch from? Just Launch a Kite from Lakana Fly Moorea‘s Kite Boat.

David from Lakana Fly Moorea Kitesurfing
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David from Lakana Fly Moorea

Once we had our kite gear loaded, we headed to a nice sandbar near Coco Beach on Motu Tiahura to get set up .

My kite was up and ready to ride within thirty minutes of leaving the beach.

Sometimes, launching by boat can be tricky. Lines can easily get tangled in set up since you don’t have the space of an open beach. David was really helpful in launching/landing the kite and helping manage kite lines.

Kite Surf Launch from Boat in Moorea
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Kite Launch by Boat

Kite Launch by Boat

If launching via boat, it can help to have your lines pre-sorted before heading out. There are a number of ways to do this. My favorite method involves using a bag clip to keep your lines in order and wading through shallow water.

However, always be extra cautious and take your time setting things up before giving a thumbs up to launch in this kind of situation [lines can easily get inverted and/or crossed]. Being familiar with deep water kite launches and water re-launches is important here.

Kitesurfing Boat with Lakana Fly Moorea
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Front Deck of the Kite Boat

For this session, I kept the kite attached to the lines from my beach session the previous day.

Once the kite was launched, it was one of the best light-wind kite sessions I have ever had.

Despite the light wind, it was almost prefect riding in just a rash-guard. Being a Michigan Kiteboarder, I am very familiar with riding in a variety of cold water wetsuits or even a drysuit at times.

View from the Kite
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Moorea Coastal Kiteboarding

Moorea Winds and Seasons

During this December session, the winds were 11-13 knots (North-East) and a little gusty. You have to watch out for boat traffic in the channel and sometimes the smaller islands can create a bit of a wind shadow. Still, this was an epic kite board session, where even I was able to get in a few small jumps.

Generally, the wind is better here from the months of May to October (the winter/dry season south of the equator) with trade winds out of an easterly direction. Prepare for light wind conditions in November and December (summer season here).

Also note that from January until April, a lot of the local restaurants and hotels shut down for the off-season (rainy season/hurricane season).

Underwater in Moorea
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Ocean Life is Abundant Under the Surface in Moorea

Moorea Under the Surface

Although there is abundant ocean life under the surface of the water in Moorea (black tip reef sharks, large rays, and a variety of tropical fish), most of the time, the underwater life is more afraid of you and only comes close out of curiosity.

Water Life in Moorea
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Black Tip Reef Sharks in Moorea

While kitesurfing in Moorea, I avoided doing tricks and jumps over the reefs and shallow water; mostly out of fear of getting injured on the sharp rocks and coral.

Coral in Moorea
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Beware of Coral Under the Surface

Kite Gear in Moorea

Make sure to have a light wind kite in your quiver if you are using a twin-tip and/or bring a foil if you are planning a trip to Moorea in December. If you don’t make it to Moorea, check out the Tahiti Kite Surf Center on black sandy beaches of Hitimahana on the main island.

Kite Gear Used on this Session:

Other “No-Wind Day” Activities on Moorea

On windless days, rent a boat or kayak from Tip Nautic and check out the remarkably beautiful snorkel locations near Tiahura.

Snorkling in Moorea
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Jade Swimming with Stingrays
Snorkling in Moorea
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Tropical Butterfly Fish in Moorea
Renting a Boat from Tip Nautic in Moorea
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Small Boats for Snorkeling are Available for Rent at “Tip Nautic

Thanks again for following our adventures! ~KiteBikeVan

Snorkel Spot in Moorea
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Snorkeling Spot between Islands
Moorea Scenery
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Old Boat Along the Road in Moorea
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