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Kiting, Biking, and Van Life near St. Joe
Kiting, Biking, and Van Life near St. Joe

Kiting, Biking, and Van Life near St. Joe

On our second trip, we wanted to explore the beaches near St. Joseph, Michigan. Neither of us had been to this area extensively despite the fact that it was only a 2-hour drive away. We were looking kiting, biking, and van life adventures near St. Joe.

Van Life near St. Joe

We booked a Sunday night at the Weko Beach Campground. This is the Bridgeman Township Campground. Weko offers cabin, RV, and tents sites. We selected a tent/Pop-up site that cost $30 per night and had electricity. Check-in was at 3:00 PM, but we got to check-in at 2:30 PM. Our site was in the South Loop. Sites in the south loop are narrow. We had to move the picnic table and fire pit just to back JoVanna into our site. The bath houses at Weko are located in East and West loops. Unfortunately, the South loop only had a few Port-a-Johns. Thank goodness we brought our OneWheels , otherwise it was a hike to the shower and toillettes. The restrooms were restrooms and we didn’t explore the showers. The East and West loops had much larger campsites with running water. They were mostly RV sites that cost $35 per night.

Van Life near St. Joe
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Breakfast at Weko Campsite

Weko Beach

On the plus side, there is a boardwalk directly from the South Loop to the beach, where dogs are welcome. After a short trek down to the beach to explore, we made a few more trips to collect the inflatable paddle board and later to collect kite gear when the wind picked up.

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Jade and Honey Paddling

The beach was crowded, but the further south you walked along the beach the more open it became. If you are looking for a quiet place, be prepared to do some walking. There is a small public boat launch on the northern side of the beach parking lot. It appears mostly to be a sand access for smaller boats and jet skis.

Campsites at Weko Campground

After a long day at the beach, we were looking forward to relaxing at our campsite. However, by then the sites around us were full and it hard to settle in. After eating a quick dinner, we explored the rest of the campground and beach on our OneWheels and watched a beautiful sunset.

Sunset OneWheel Ride

Exploring St. Joe

Check-out on the next day was not until 1:00 PM, but we headed out early to explore more beaches in the area. Before heading to the beach, we decided to explore downtown St. Joseph. It has a very cute down-town area with lots of free public parking. We parked JoVanna and began to explore. While Jade procured some iced coffee at a local coffee shop, Andrew located the local surf shop, Third Coast Surf Shop. We always have to visit local surf shops to ask about the best places to catch some waves or to set-up for kiting. Andrew picked up a new SUP leash and we headed back to JoVanna to make our way to the beach.

Kiting near St. Joe
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Andrew Kiting

Scouting Kite Spots – Beaches near St. Joe

Lions Park Beach

We started at the Lions Park beach at the south end of town. It is a beautiful beach with lots of play structures and public restrooms. There are no fees to enter the beach, but you have to pay to park. We didn’t park and stay because the sign said “no dogs” on the beach. With “Honey” along for the ride, this was not an option for us.

Searching for a Kiteboarding Spot
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Lions Park Entrance

Silver Park Beach

Next, we drove over to Silver Beach, only a couple minute drive. After pulling up to the entrance, we saw that dogs are not allowed on the beach. They are allowed on the sidewalks but not on the sand. We decided to check it out anyway. The entrance fee is $12. The beach offers volleyball courts, play structures, concession stands, public restrooms and changing rooms, as well as a couple peers to walk out on. This is a very busy beach during the summertime. While exploring we saw lots of small sailboats out for lessons on the north side of the St. Joseph river and decided to head over to check it out.

Tiscornia Park Beach

We didn’t see much of this beach because when we pulled up, there was another sign stating, “no dogs on the beach.” You had to pay to park at this beach and the public restrooms are currently closed (for COVID-19). Although, we were ready to call it a day, another family looking for a place to hang with their family and fur-babies for the day recommend Hagar Park Beach. It was only a 15-minute drive north, so we decided to check it out.

Hagar Park Beach

Hagar Park Beach is a Hagar Township park. Parking is free and there is plenty of it. At the top of the dune, there is a park and Port-a-Johns. Dogs are allowed on leashes. On a side note, “horses” are not allowed on this beach (there was a sign for it, so it must have happened). This is a more secluded beach compared to the others and somewhat vertical.

There are stairs leading down to the beach, but due to the high water levels and erosion this year, the beach is very limited. Although there were only a few cars in the parking lot, the beach was crowded. We spent a few hours swimming and enjoying the warm, blue waters of Lake Michigan. It felt like being in a mini-tropical paradise.

Kiting near St. Joe

The winds seemed extremely light in this area during the time that we were here and the beaches were awfully crowded for kiting. Andrew got a very short light-wind session in on Weko Beach, but it was light and gusty. Bring the foil board if you are going to kite here in the summertime and watch out for beach goers. Prepare to hike if you are looking for open/obstacle free beach. Andrew used a 17M Ocean Rodeo Flite and a 150cm door this time.

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Lightwind Session at Weko Beach

During the fall or spring, Lions and Silver Park Beaches look promising for wind out of the Southwest. Tiscornia Park Beach looks good for wind out the Northwest. Perhaps for some good surf sessions. Can’t wait to get back here on a windy day in the fall or spring!!!

Thanks for reading! Follow for more adventures. ~KiteBikeVan

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