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Learn to Play Guitar
Learn to Play Guitar

Learn to Play Guitar

When I (Jade) was 16, I recieved a guitar. I had expressed interest and was a very active member in my school band (playing the trumpet). Despite my interest, this beautiful guitar was never played. It moved from place to place with me around the country for nearly twenty years. A few summers ago, looking at it sitting in my living room, I finally decided it was time to learn.

Guitar Storage in the van
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Where to start?

I started my guitar learning adventure with YouTube. I simply searched guitar for beginners and found “Learn Guitar in 10 days” on the channel Andy Guitar. This was a great place to start. It took me all summer to get through the 10 lessons, but I was able to play a handful of my favorite songs right away. After the initial 10 lessons, I watched a few more videos and practiced those for about a year.

What next?

Although this was a great start, I felt I needed a little more structure for my learning. About this time, my niece started taking singing and guitar lessons. Feeling inspired, I sought out some lessons too. With traveling and working, it was tough for me to lock down a specific time and place that would work best for me. That is is when I found the app Yousician.

I started with the free month trial and really liked it. I ended up with the yearly subscription at $179.99. The sticker shock seemed a little high to me at first, but I figured if I used it at least 3 times per week (usualy more), it only cost a little over a dollar per lesson. I have been using the app for nearly a year now and plan on continuing my subscription again.

Learn to play guitar on the road
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What do I like about the app?
  • I can use it anywhere
  • I has weekly song challenges at all levels
  • I can choose a guided lesson or practice something of my choice
  • I can work on rhythm guitar, lead guitar, and music theory
  • It sends me daily reminders to practice
  • It has all varieties of music
  • It tracks my progress
Want to learn something else?

Learning to play the guitar has been a lot of fun and has provided lots of entertainment and relaxation on the road and at home. I can play with family and friends. I can play on my own. It is a great activity to work on while Andrew is out kiting or something to do around the camp fire at night.

If you are looking for a fun hobby for on the road or at home, I definitely recommend trying out the guitar. We also recommend some Kite and Bike adventures.

Thanks for reading! ~KiteBikeVan

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