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Mike Levine Lakelands Trail State Park
Mike Levine Lakelands Trail State Park

Mike Levine Lakelands Trail State Park

The Lakelands Trail is a beautiful 34-mile rails to trail bike trail that runs east-west from Root Station to Hamburg, Michigan.

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Stockbridge Trailhead

Heading East on the Lakelands Trail

I had the opportunity to explore this gorgeous trail twice in 2020. In August, I started at the trailhead in Stockbridge and traveled with my tribe (Des) 20 miles east to the Village Trailhead in Hamburg. The first mile east out of Stockbridge is paved and tree-lined.

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Arriving at Stockbridge Trailhead

As you leave Stockbridge the trail changes to a gravel surface at S. William St. This part of the trail is tree-lined, but the gravel is quite loose for about a mile. It was tough going on Des with skinny 23″ tires, but he did a great job. I would recommend riding on larger tires with more traction, particularly for this part of the trail.

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Gravel Trail East of Stockbridge

The next 10-11 miles of the trail is a packed crush lime stone surface. It is mostly tree-lined until you reach the small town of Gregory. There is a trailhead in Gregorgy. Here the trail becomes slightly wider and more open. Mile markers begin here in Putnam Township and the rest of the packed stone trail is a multiuse trail for horse back riders, cyclists and walkers. There are many riding trails that connect to or cross this section of the Lakelands Trail.

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The Paved Part of the Lakelands Trail

After you cross M-36 in Pinckey, the trail is paved the rest of the way to Hamburg. It travels through many neighborhoods and communities with a more suburban landscape. There are many trailheads along this section of the trail. You will also notice more people using the trail through this section.

Lakelands Trail Trailheads

  • Pearl St. in Pickney
  • Pettysville Rd. in Hamburg
  • Zukey Lake Tavern in Hamburg
  • Hamburg Rd. in Hamburg (Village Trailhead Parking)

Traveling West on Lakelands Trail

My second exploration happend in November, when we had a beautil 80 degree Friday afternoon. When I saw the forcast, Troy was immediately stowed in the back of the car for a post-work ride.

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For this exploration, I decided to bring Troy (my cyclo-cross bike) along for the ride. The previous weekend, I put new, tread tires on my bike and I was eager to see how he performed on the gravel trail. After crossing US-106, the trail was packed crushed lime stone. This part of the trail is mostly open; traveling between many corn fields. It passes through the small town of Munith and ends abruptly at a trailhead in Root Station. The trail ends just after you cross the Portage River.

Final Thoughts on Lakelands Trail

Whether you are looking for a short ride with your family or a long ride traveling across lower Michigan, the Mike Levine Lakelands Trail State Park is a great adventure. All in all this very flat and mostly smooth trail can be easily explored on all types of bikes. However, I would recommend larger tires with more traction for the 20 miles west of Pinckney.

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