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The Nashua River Rail Trail
The Nashua River Rail Trail

The Nashua River Rail Trail

The Nashua River Rail Trail is a paved rails-to-trails bike trail that runs north-south between Nashua, New Hampshire and Ayer, Massachusetts. The trail is approximately 12.5 miles long and is tree lined nearly the entire way.

I started at the Nashua Trailhead. The trailhead has lots of parking along with a beautiful pond and additional hiking trails. The first half mile of the trail takes you from the trailhead out to the main trail. Be sure to make a right onto the trail, otherwise it deadends at Serotta Ave.

The trail is paved from end to end but is slightly bumpy due to cracks caused by the tree roots. The trails is also fairly busy throughout with many cyclist, runners, walkers, and OneWheelers.

If you are looking for a beautiful ride while visiting the northeast, look no further. For more information on the trail and additional trailhead parking visit Nashua River Rail Trail Webpage. For other rails to trails around the USA, check out some that I have explored so far in Georgia, Michigan, and Ohio!

Happy Riding! ~KiteBikeVan

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