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Land Surfing
Land Surfing

Land Surfing

A few weeks ago, we decided to finally try out land surfing. All you need is a OneWheel, a rope (we used a wakesurf rope), and a longboard.

Andrew dreaming of Land Surfing
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Little Andrew and his Skateboard

Some Background: Why Land Surfing?

Andrew loves all sports that require a board; skateboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, kiteboarding, etc. He hasn’t used his longboard and several years and was thinking about selling. However, we decided before selling, we have to try doing a little bit of landsurfing. I am feeling confident in my OneWheel skills and thought we could give it a try.

As always safety first when participating in any sport, particularly if you are trying something new. With helmets and wrist guards in place, we hit the road.

OneWheel Helmets and Wrist Guards
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Safety First – Helmets and Wrist Guards

Our Land Surfing Experience!

The initial pull on the rope at take-off was a bit tricky, but once we were both moving there wasn’t much of a difference on my end as the tower. The main thing I had to consider was taking wider turns and avoiding large gravely areas. Also, I had to keep my speed a little on the slow side, since Andrew didn’t have breaks back on the longboard.

On Andrews end, he got to use his carving skills to avoid major potholes, navigate turns, and avoid on-coming cars. The best was his 180 degree turn and stop at the turn around point. And of course, he had to stop at the end. Which he managed to do without fall or diving into the grass!

Land Surfing

We only did about mile round trip, but we would like to try land surfing over a longer distance in the future. Has anyone else out there tried this? So much fun. I don’t think the longboard will be going anywhere now!

Check out our OneWheel Beach Chair Cruise! Thanks for following our crazy adventures! ~KiteBikeVan

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