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Overnight Stay with Harvest Hosts
Overnight Stay with Harvest Hosts

Overnight Stay with Harvest Hosts

Overnight Stay with Harvest Hosts

If you are traveling in your van and are looking for a safe place to stay that is a little different from a campground or highway rest-stop, try an overnight stay with Harvest Hosts.

In the summer of 2023, we signed up for a one-year membership to Harvest Hosts and had a great first stay at the Iron Fish Distillery in Thompsonville, Michigan.

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Overnight Stay with Harvest Hosts
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What is Harvest Hosts?

Harvest Hosts is a comprehensive network of farms, wineries, breweries, and more across the United States and Canada. With your annual membership, you can schedule an unlimited number of one-night stays at any of the hosts. Ultimately, the hosts provide a safe place for you to park your RV or Van for the night, in exchange for your business through the door.

Overall, the support of local businesses and self-sufficiency is the spirit of the program here. It’s a great change of scenery compared to a busy campground!

PLEASE NOTE: In order to camp with Harvest Hosts, you must have your own toilette, water tank, and indoor cooking facilities. Tent camping is not permitted.

Overnight Stay at the Iron Fish Distillery
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  • Visiting interesting places
  • Off the beaten path
  • Pets are usually welcome
  • There are multiple tiers of memberships
  • Great local businesses (it is easy to spend $30 at any of these places)


  • You can only stay one night
  • Most places you have to book ahead
  • Check-in time is bound to business hours
  • Many hosts fill up quickly on weekends
  • Visitors are encouraged to patronize the host business (it’s not exactly free- spending at least $30 is recommended)

Our Experience Reserving and Checking In

While traveling along the coast of Lake Michigan in August of 2023, we were looking for new places to kite, cycle and camp. While in the Frankfort area, we decided to try a night using Harvest Hosts. A few days before arriving, we signed up for a membership and requested to stay for a night at the Iron Fish Distillery.

First Impressions

With in a few hours, we received a confirmation of our request and had a place to stay. Since it was our first time using Harvest Hosts, we were not sure how it would all work.

We arrived at the distillery a few hours before closing time and checked in at the store. It was really simple. We signed in on a notebook and were subsequently directed to a fenced in field across the street from the restaurant and bar. There were a few RVs and vans already parked in the field, so we choose a place of our own and got comfortable for the night.

Nearby the field itself had a really clever sign on it.

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Supporting the Hosts

After showering and making dinner, we walked across the street for a drink at last call. We ordered a delicious house brewed Ginger beer and a craft cocktail. Both were delicious and we regretted not walking over earlier. As we were cashing out, we noticed they had their own nitro cold brew coffee on tap and regretted not getting a couple to go for the next morning.

Cheers to Harvest Hosts!!!

Drinks at the Iron Fish Distillery - a night with Harvest Hosts
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Quiet Overnight Stay?

Back in the van, we settled in for the night. Although it stormed throughout the night and the morning, it was super peaceful and quiet. After sleeping in and cleaning out the van, we went for a run through the woods nearby and along the dirt roads.

NOTE: There is a mountain bike trail that connects the Iron Fish Distillery to the Crystal Mountain Ski Resort.

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Overall we had a great experience with Harvest Hosts, we just wish you could stay for more than one night or that there were more locations closer to our favorite kiting and biking locations!

If you are looking for safe overnight stays when you are out on the road, I would definitely recommend Harvest Hosts! It is a great value and gives you the opportunity to visit new and unique locations.

Happy Camping! ~KiteBikeVan

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