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Participating in Organized Bike Rides
Participating in Organized Bike Rides

Participating in Organized Bike Rides

Participating in Organized Bike Rides

Every summer, I enjoy participating in organized bike rides. Group rides are a great way to explore new bike routes, make friends and support the cycling community. Most recently, I did “HUB Fest,” a 100K bike ride put on by the League of Michigan Bicyclists every year in June!

LMB Tour - HUBFest 2023 Start
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Ready to Ride HUB Fest 2023

Why should you participate in organized bike rides?

When you take part in an organized ride, you have the opportunity to explore new bike routes in your area, throughout your state, or across the country. The ride organizers work with local cyclists to develop a safe and beautiful route with a variety of distances and road surface options. Along the way, SAG (support and gear) stops are provided with drinks, snacks, restrooms, and bike repair tools for your convenience.

In addition to great riding, you have the opportunity to connect with other interesting cyclists. At the end of the route, there is often an assortment of festivities such as beer tents, food trucks, and live music, where you can celebrate your riding accomplishment with other cyclists and friends. 

Who organizes group bike rides?

There are many groups that organize large cycling events and group rides around the world. 

Bicycle Organizations

If you are looking for a ride with a range of distances or multi-day rides, check with your local League of American Bicyclists. The League of Michigan Bicyclists puts on summer tours ranging from 1-7 day(s) of riding. Registration prices vary depending on the time, distance, and amenities you are looking for as a rider.

For multi-day tours you can camp or find local lodges between each ride. For some tours, you can even pay to have your campsite set up for you when you arrive each evening. Nothing like glamping between days of beautiful riding.

LMB Tour - HUBFest 2023 Start
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2023 HUB Fest “Tarmac” Start

Charity Organizations

Another place to find organized rides are through charity organizations such as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Make A Wish, National MS Society, and your local Rotary Club. In addition to paying for registration for these events, riders are often also required to raise a minimum amount for donations to support the cause. Along with the great ride, you will feel good about supporting a purpose.

In the past, I have participated in the “Bike to the Bay” ride put on by the National MS Society and “The Lenawee Bike Tour” put on by the Adrian Rotary Club. These were both great events. I had fun getting to know other riders and spending time with my cycling friends and family members. Later this summer, I hope to participate in ODRAM (One Day Ride Across Michigan) in support of JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Not only am I excited about the challenge of riding more than 150 miles in a day, but I think JDRF is a great organization.

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Lenawee Bike Tour put on by the Adrian Rotary Club

Bike Races

If you are looking for a little speed instead of a tour event, check out BikeReg.com for various types of bike races throughout North America. I personally haven’t participated in bike races, as I prefer triathlons, but there are many types of races you can choose from; road, mountain bike, cyclocross, etc. Whatever type of bike race you are looking for, I am sure you can find it.

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Triathlon Transitions 2 from Bike to Run

Bike Trips and Tours

Traveling the world to cycle is yet another way to participate in organized bike rides. There are tour companies that plan and execute gorgeous bike tours around the world. Whether you are looking to explore the Danube River, the Canadian Rockies, or Havana, there is a bike tour out there for you.


Finally, if you are looking for an extremely laid back and inexpensive way to explore the world doing cycling events, then look no further than Randonneuring Organizations.  Local Randonneur Organizations put on an array of Brevets throughout the year around the world. You can choose Brevets in your area or you can travel internationally to ride.

As a Randonneuer, you can rack up points participating at each distance; 100K, 200K, 400K, etc. to earn a Brevet d’Audax (loosely translated as a certificate of audaciousness!!!). This is yet another great way to enjoy cycling and give yourself a goal to work towards!

My “HUB Fest” 2023 Review

In my personal opinion, “HUB Fest” is a great one day event put on by the League of Michigan Bicyclists (LMB). Registration in 2023 was $60. Which I thought was reasonable, since all money raised by LMB is used to support bicycle advocacy and safe riding in Michigan. 

Prior to the ride, communication and ride requirements were clear. I knew exactly what to expect when I arrived for the Saturday morning event. 

LMB worked well with local riders to design a beautiful and safe route through Lenawee County with minimal traffic. Volunteers before the race and at each SAG stop were friendly and excited to help riders throughout the day.

Finally, the after party was great at Cal Zorn Park in Tecumseh, Michigan, with a local brewery as a sponsor and great music for all to enjoy! 

This was my 4th time participating in HUB Fest since 2018 and the ride gets better every year! I am looking forward to riding again in 2024!

LMB Tour - HUBFest 2023 Finish
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“HUB Fest” Crew at the Finish

Tell me about your latest cycling event! I would love to find new adventures for next summer.

Thanks for reading and safe cycling out there. ~ KiteBikeVan

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