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The Badger Car Ferry
The Badger Car Ferry

The Badger Car Ferry

Have you taken the Badger Car Ferry, The SS Badger, across Lake Michigan? If not, it is definitely worth the experience. As an added bonus, you don’t have to deal with Chicago traffic. It was a great experience en route to Badlands National Park, Devils Tower, and Yellowstone.

Custom Van boarding the Badger
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JoVanna being loaded onto the Badger

Why Take The Badger Car Ferry?

If you are heading west from Michigan, you will have to travel through Chicago. If you are anything like us, you are not a fan on traffic, especially in a Campervan. Taking the ferry, you avoid driving around Lake Michigan and get to start your driving journey in the peaceful country side of Wisconsin. Taking the ferry was a very pleasant way to start the trip. If you are coming from the west to Michigan, I would also recommend the ferry in reverse.

Custom Van leaving the Badger
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JoVanna disembarking the Badger

General Overview

Arrive early so they have time to load your car onto the ferry. We were there about an hour early (the recommended time). Once you arrive, you will park your car in an assigned lane, leave your keys and fold in your mirrors. Then you will get in line to board the ship. As you are boarding, drivers will back your vehicle onto the ferry! Once you have boarded enjoy the ride. There is a snack bar, a bar, games (bingo, trivia, etc.), and a movie. The trip takes about 3.5 hours across the lake so be sure to pack a bag of entertainment (books, games, headphones, etc.). When you arrive in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, you disembark and get into your vehicle and drive off into the sunset. It is pretty sweet! The only down side of the ferry is it is a bit pricy. Tickets for passengers cost $79 and there is an additional cost for your vehicle. The van cost $79 as well.

The Badger Car Ferry
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Relaxing on the Badger

Check out the Ferry next summer and thanks for reading! ~KiteBikeVan

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