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Van Bed Cushions or a Mattress
Van Bed Cushions or a Mattress

Van Bed Cushions or a Mattress

A big consideration when building out your van is to use custom foam cushions or to invest in a more traditional-style bed mattress. Still on the fence? This is how we decided for our van bed between cushions or a mattress.

Van Bed Cushions
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Catching some ZZZs
Foam Cushions

When we bought JoVanna, she was outfitted with bunk style beds. Each bed was outfitted with custom made 4-inch foam cushions. After removing the top bunk and raising the bottom bunk to a height of 32 inches, we thought the original foam cushions would be fine. We didn’t love the material of the covers or that they were two seperate cushions, but we were going to make it work.

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Van Bed Cushions

The cushions lasted for two weekend trips, before we decided it was time for an upgrade to a more comfortable mattress.

  • The 4-inch foam cushions compacted down to nothing when laying on them.
  • Sleeping on a solid board is not comfortable.
  • Our hips and shoulders went numb while sleeping.
  • A good nights sleep is necessary to fuel our daytime adventures.
  • A mattress doesn’t slide apart and out from under you while you sleep.
  • If staying in the van long term, it should be comfortable.
  • Jade is afraid of Hammocks.
Our Mattress Choice
Custom Bed Mattress
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Custom Bed Mattress

Before spending days on end traveling with JoVanna, we upgraded to a Classic Brands 4.5 inch Gel Memory Foam Sofa Mattress.

  • The dimension of the queen size sofa mattress (58″x72″) fit our bed perfectly.
  • The sofa mattress is flexible enough to fold into a couch but firm enough for sleeping on.
  • The memory foam doesn’t compact down to nothing when you lay on it.
  • The memory foam is soft on your joints while sleeping.
  • The gel helps regulate temperature so you don’t sleep in a pool of sweat in the summer and it doesn’t freeze into a block of ice in the winter.
  • The mattress doesn’t move around and out from under you while sleeping.
  • It is really cozy.

What mattress/cushion set-up are you considering? Hope this helpful as you are deciding what to do.

Thanks for reading! ~KiteBikeVan

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