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Van Build Essentials: Hooks and Bungees
Van Build Essentials: Hooks and Bungees

Van Build Essentials: Hooks and Bungees

Van Build Essentials: Hooks and Bungees

We use our custom built camper van primarily for kite, bike, and triathlon adventures. As you can imagine, this leads to a lot of wet and sweaty clothing. As we travel from beach to camp or from race event to lunch, we are constantly looking for places to hang our wet towels and dripping wetsuits. It is always a challenge to get them dry for the next day. Hooks and bungees throughout the van became van build essentials for us.

Bungees: A Van Build Essential

We use bungees everywhere in the van! They are much easier to customize and use than cargo nets! Plus they are quiet for driving down the road as compared to some other less elastic storage options.

Bungees for Board Storage

When looking for a place to store kiteboards, we decided to use the ceiling. This was the only storage space available that was long enough. After attaching seven U-hooks to the ceiling, we wove a long bungee cord zig-zag style across the ceiling and hooked it off at both ends.

We repeated these steps down the middle (but with only 5 U-hooks) and can now easily store up to three boards (surfboard, twin tip, and foil board) on the ceiling.

You can adjust the tension in the bungees with simple knots or loops this way (depending on the board size) and it is pretty easy to get boards out (similar to a board sleeve).

Van Build Essentials: Bungees for Board Storage
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Bungees for Curtains

Originally, we used magnets to hold our curtains in place, but found that we were constantly misplacing them or they would fall down when you accidentally hit a pot hole. Now we have bungee cords to hold our front, side, and back curtains in place. All we have to do is slide them out of the way when we want them OPEN and slide them back again to CLOSE them. They work great and we don’t misplace them anymore.

Van Build Essentials: Bungees for Curtains
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Front Curtains
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Bungees for Drying

As mentioned earlier, we usually have a lot of wet clothing and towels when we are out adventuring. We added some bungees to our overhead storage closet to hang dry clothing or to just let them air out.

NOTE: Overall, good ventilation is an important theme to any van build, especially when it comes to drying wet things.

It is also important not to hang really wet items directly over your sleeping space. No one wants to crawl into a wet bed at night.

Van Build Essentials: Bungees for drying
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Hooks: Another Van Build Essential

For us, you can never have too many hooks. In fact we just added a few more before our last trip. This is how we use them. 

Hooks for Coats and Sweatshirts

Along our overhead storage closet and bookshelf we have 8 hooks for hanging coats, sweatshirts, hats, and lightly worn clothing. It is a great place to throw your raincoat when you come in from the rain or to hang your hoodie before bed. Often, our clothes get thrown on the hooks, when changing into swimsuits or wetsuits. This helps keep them dry and out of the way.

Van Build Essentials: Coat Hooks
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Clothing Hooks
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Hooks for Towels

We also have a couple of hooks to hang our towels. Beach towels and shower towels are not always dry when it is time to pack up. This is a great spot for them to hang while driving. Additionally, having hooks right over the sink is a great place to hang dish towels!

NOTE: If you use hooks to hang large beach towels, be sure to place them in spots that will not interfere with any blind spots while you are driving.

Van Build Essentials: Towel Hooks
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Towel Hooks and Curtain Bungee
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Hooks for Smaller Items

Above our counter space, we have a couple of hooks for sunglasses, keychains, wind meters, and other small items. At home these items go on the table inside the door, but there is limited counter space in the van. It is an easy place to store things on your way out the door for your next adventure.

Van Build Essentials: Key Hooks
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Hooks for Wetsuits

Most of the time we are using wetsuits for swimming and kiting. Just like the towels, the wetsuits are usually not dry by the time we need to hit the road.

Just inside the rear doors (behind the bed), we added four hooks along the ceiling. Here, the wetsuits can hang dry while driving without getting everything completely soaked. 

Van Build Essentials: Wetsuit Hooks
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Hooks for Helmets, Harnesses, and Wetsuit Booties

The latest addition of hooks to the van are in the garage space area. On the back door and on the back side of the bed, we added hooks for helmets and wetsuit booties. Again this is a great place to keep our equipment dry and out of the way. 

Van Build Essentials: Hooks for Wetsuit Booties
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Helmet Hooks
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Bungee Line and Hook Conclusion

Bungees and hooks are essential to the storage and use of our adventure van. Without them, we would just have a big pile of wet clothes, towels, and sporting equipment.

What are some of your van build essentials? We would love to see and hear some of your ideas. Thanks for reading! ~KiteBikeVan

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  1. Some nifty ideas for storage. The good ol’ bungy has lots of applications. I love using hooks around my home so I can imagine they would be useful in a much smaller space. Great post – all the best for your travels!

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