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Van Kitchen and Food Storage
Van Kitchen and Food Storage

Van Kitchen and Food Storage

So it turns out you need a little more food and clothing when you travel for 7 days compared to a short 2-day trip. On our tour up the west coast of the Michigan, the plastic bins we used to hold our food and water often toppled over and ended up all over our living space. Additionally, JoVanna became a total mess after a few days with clothing and gear scattered and hanging everywhere. We need to add a van kitchen and food storage to contain everything on the road.

Messy Custom Van
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Van After Days on the Road

Upon our return, we set to work building a new storage unit and counter. We built it like a desk to store our current cooler beneath and for continued use of the electrical outlet. This space can also be modified for a larger fridge if we decide to make a change later. Which we did on a second and third remodel of our kitchen and living space.

Counter Top
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Desk Like Counter

Since our travel space is open for all to see when JoVanna’s side door is open, we also added doors to close off the clothing storage space. We used magnetic latches and door locks to help keep things secure. Otherwise our belongings could be launched from the shelves on sharp turns and quick stops. Although the shelf closet was great, we had to remove it on a later remodel. Now we have an overhead storage space that is even better.

On top of the storage unit, we added a counter top. This really helped with indoor cooking during rainstorms and cold weather. It also provides an additional flat surface for a variety of uses. We put it to good use on our first cold weather camping trip last weekend.

Cooking Counter and Food Storage
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Cooking Dinner in a Rainstorm at Portage Lake

Thanks for following as we remodel our custom van to fit our KiteBikeVan needs!

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