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Van Life Dog Issues
Van Life Dog Issues

Van Life Dog Issues

On a recent weekend trip with JoVanna, we had a few van life dog issues when our van broke down. While engine troubles are to be expected on the road, we ran into a few issues with our dog Honey that we hadn’t thought of before.

Vanlife Dog
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Travel Companion Honey

Common Van Life Dog Issues

Van Dog
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Honey Sleeping on the Beach
  • Finding dog friendly trails, beaches, or parks
  • It can be too hot or cold for the dog to stay in the van while shopping, eating, working, etc.
  • Finding dog friendly places to camp overnight
  • Finding a place for your dog to relieve themselves

Unexpected Van Life Dog Issues

Honey is our best friend and a big part of the reason we love traveling with our van. Instead of leaving her with our parents or boarding her at the kennel, we can easily take her along. Honey loves the beach and hiking in the woods. The van has also been really great for her.

Dog Friendly Rides

One thing we didn’t consider is how traveling with a dog can become a bigger issue when your van breaks down. As we learned, many tow trucks don’t have room for a dog or are not willing to have a dog ride in the cab with them. So what do you do? Call a cab? It turns out this is a similar issue. Many drivers don’t want to take a dog with them, especially a large dog. (Honey weighs in around 80 lb.) If you are lucky, you will get a super friendly driver that will help you out, like we did. However, I wouldn’t count on this.

Where to stay with a large dog?
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Honey in Bed

Dog Friendly Hotels

Another issue, especially if you are living in your van, is finding a place where you can stay that allows dogs. Again, this is an even bigger problem for large dogs. We ended up sleeping in our van in the parking lot of an auto repair shop. Not exactly ideal. (But there really are not many options if your vehicle breaks down at night and the tow truck shows up at midnight.)

Finally, if you make it to the repair shop and it needs to be kept for a few days, how do you get around with your dog. Many rental car companies also don’t allow dogs.

Although having Honey with us did add a lot of complications to our van breakdown, we still love having her with us and will continue to travel with her. We lucked out this time by staying in our van and having family nearby to help us out.

Tips for Traveling with a Dog

Before traveling in the future, we would definitely recommend looking into pet friendly alternatives in case you have engine troubles or your van breaks down entirely. Here are pet-friendly things to considered when traveling:

Hope this helps as you get out on the road. Have fun traveling with your pet! Follow us for more tales of our adventures in van travels.

Thanks for reading! ~KiteBikeVan

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