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Why We Think Camper Vans Are The Best!
Why We Think Camper Vans Are The Best!

Why We Think Camper Vans Are The Best!

Why We Think Camper Vans Are The Best!

As we travel from small-town to small-town up the coast of Lake Michigan, Andrew and I have been reflecting on why we think camper vans are the best.

Campervan at the beach
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Camper Vans are Better than Tents

Shoveling out spot for a tent
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After only four days on the road, we already had two rainy nights and one rainy day. If you have ever spent time in a tent in the rain, you already know why a van is better. At some point a tent is no longer waterproof and your sleeping bag and gear start getting wet. Water tends to pool in low spots.

Standing up in a tent when you are stuck inside all day is also a challenge. Crouching for hours on end is not fun.

Driving a camper van in the rain
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Finally, if you are exploring from place to place, at some point you have to pack up your wet tent and put it in your car. Then everything is soaked.

Tent camping still has its purpose when backpacking in backcountry, but camper vans definitely beat tents!!

Camper Vans are Better than Travel Trailers

Camper Van backed into a camping spot
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As we pull in to various campgrounds and watch other campers carefully backing in their travel trailers, we are so thankful for our nimble camper van. Backing into a spot is as easy as parking any vehicle and only takes a few seconds. Parking and setting up only takes a few minutes. An audience doesn’t form as you are readjusting for the best position.

Similar to a tent, if you are traveling from place to place, you have to bring your travel trailer with you. You can’t just leave it somewhere while you are out hiking, having dinner, or exploring a new beach. You are essentially going from campground to campground with it.

Sure you can leave a travel trailer at the campground and then go exploring, but where you park it is your home base. Advanced planning is definitely required with a travel trailer.

A travel trailer definitely limits the places you can visit. We would have missed out on this cool beach and lookout if we had a travel trailer.

Camper Vans are Better than RVs and Buses

Like travel trailers, RVs and Buses also limit the places you can visit because of their sheer size. Many of the beaches and trails we want to explore have limited parking and turn around space.

Camper Van at Point Betsie
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The size of most RVs and buses would make kiting at Andrew’s favorite kite spot very difficult.

Camper Van Limitations

Packing our camper van
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Although JoVanna (our camper van) meets most of our travel needs, she definitely has limitations. Since she is a van, the space is limited to what we can comfortably fit in our van.

Hanging out in our camper van
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We currently only use our van for vacations and weekend getaways so the limited space hasn’t been an issue so far. Our thoughts on this might change if we were traveling full time.
For now, we think camper vans are the best for our kite, bike, and travel adventures!

Thanks for reading and let us know your thoughts below. ~KiteBikeVan

Exploring in our camper van
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    1. KiteBikeVan

      We have a two burner propane stove and a small propane backpacking stove. For refrigeration, we have a small 25L fridge that runs on a 12v battery or the van when we are driving. It cools enough for the two of us for about a week.

  1. This is very insightful. I am looking into a Van life and travelling around South Africa. This article and site has been very helpful in answering some of my questions. Especially since you write from a personal experience.

  2. This is a great perspective to look at. I was thinking to buy an RV in the past, but it always stopped me because it involves a lot of planning and I was worried about parking. Awesome points about camper vans.

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